Capitol Volkssport Club
Olympia, WA

CVC Year Round Walking Events - 2018

CVC offers 18 AVA Sanctioned walking events for 2018.
17 of these are year round walking events, and 1 is a seasonal walking event.

To do any of these events, go to the start point mentioned in the walk description when you wish to walk, and ask for the Walk Box. Inside this, you will find a register to sign and the detailed walk directions. Most walks begin at the start point, but some start at another location; the directions will tell where to begin the walk.

When looking at the walk descriptions, pay attention to any seasonal or holiday closures. Some start points are closed on certain holidays, meaning you will not be able to obtain the directions on those days. Some walks are seasonal, which generally means that the walk is too muddy or wet to do during part of the year, so the directions may not be available outside the season given in the walk description. Unless stated otherwise, walks are available any day of the year, dawn till dusk.

Year round walking events:

Aberdeen Waterfront, Town and Hilltop
Centralia Historic
Chehalis Willapa Trail
Lacey College and Park
Lacey Southeast
Ocean Shores Bayside
Ocean Shores Beach
Olympia Capitol Downtown
Olympia Evergreen State College
Olympia Ward Lake
Olympia Waterfronts
Olympia West Side Hills
Olympia Woodard Bay
Port Gamble Historic
Tenino Town and Trail
Tumwater Historic Parks

Seasonal walking events:

Belfair Theler Wetlands

Come Walk With Us!